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Lisa Richardson
Counselling & Psychotherapy Services

Explore Who I am

My name is Lisa Richardson.

I am a Registered Psychotherapist located in Ottawa, ON, Canada

Struggling with your relationships? Maybe with your sense of self and confidence? Or perhaps you are struggling to understand or be in touch with your emotions. I believe that we all have wounds from our past and that these experiences can impact how we view ourselves and how we relate and connect to others. Although we cannot change or erase our past, I believe that making connections from the past to our present allows us to heal. Healing occurs in the present when we free ourselves from past strategies of protection and relate to ourselves and our world in a more connected and lively way. 


Explore the Services I Provide

One on one therapy

Virtual or in office (Barrhaven, ON)

Available for all 18 + 

Explore the Office

 220 (Unit 203)  Kennevale Drive,
in Barrhaven/Nepean K2J 6B6

Free Parking on site!

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